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June 2019
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 Character Rules

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Character Rules Empty
PostSubject: Character Rules   Character Rules EmptyWed Jan 07, 2015 7:58 pm

~Character Rules~

1) You are allowed only 10 characters

2) All characters start off as a novice/pawn, unless it's under special conditions like a leader or royalty bio

3) If your in a fight with your character it's recommended that you have a moderator or admin moderating the thread to make sure it's done fairly. (Meaning they'll make sure there isn't any OP, unexplainable bs)

4) When putting starter Ärms on the bio you must follow the simple/weapon Ärm standards

5) Please refrain from having your character in multiple threads, it can create a paradox

6)  Your character can't just pop up in  a thread and start attacking or taking action in the first post, first they must have an intro post and then after the other member posts your allowed to take action

7) Your character can't just leave one continent and pop up in another, they  must have a dimension Ärm capable of transportation, and if they don't have that they can pay a boat 50 pewter to get to another continent (if your traveling in a group you can all travel in one boat still for 50 pewter,  and up to four people can all get in/on a transportation Ärm)

Cool You must put "I love Marchen Awakens Romance" at the bottom of your character sheets to verify you read all the rules, however, the staff will know you didn't read the rules if you don't acknowledge them in thread or in general.

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Character Rules
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