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April 2019
Thread/Tournament announcements

Nothing to report --------A tourney will be held once at least ten members join


 Ida "Vixy" Vixeon

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Ida Vixenheim
Ida Vixenheim

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PostSubject: Ida "Vixy" Vixeon    Ida "Vixy" Vixeon  EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 9:04 pm

Name: Ida "Vixy" Vixeon.

Gender:  Female.

Age: 14 

Rank: Novice

Ärm: A bracelet weapon Ärm that transforms into a purple whip

Personality: Ida has what might call the personality of a fox. She's sassy, stubborn, charismatic, a smooth talker and incredibly sly. Ida is capable of smooth talking someone into doing virtually anything she wanted, she's sassy and usually doesn't hesitate to speak her mind or talk back to someone anoying her. She's very social and doesn't really like being alone, even if it's just an animal she's talking to she's content. She loves to talk to people, especially people she likes, she also loves to laugh and joke around with people. Having a fox like personality she can be a bit flirty and devious, depending on who it is she's talking to or interacting with, if the person is evil or a jerk she won't need to think twice about stealing from them or lying to them, especially if it has to do with life or death. Yet underneath this foxy personality is a very naive, caring, sweet girl. Even though she'll flirt a bit she'll be afraid or embarrassed if the guy tried to make a move on her, she loves to hug and cuddle and is very protective of friends. She only flirts with guys that she's comfortable around or whom she's trying to manipulate, she wouldn't get the courage to flirt with someone she actually has a crush on unless they were actually dating.

 Appearance: Ida is very slender and agile looking, she has th face of an innocent ten year old, sharp ember colored eyes, and brown/black hair. Ida is 5 ft tall and has sharper canine teeth than normal, you can even say they're fox like, her hair is either braided into a ponytail or straight into a ponytail, she has a pair of ginger fox ears and a ginger fox tail with a black and white tip. Ida usually wears a black scarf like mask and a cutsey purple bandit outfit with light purple stripes, her pants are black slacks and a pair of purple gloves. Ida can use her innocent but attractive looking face to her advantage when she's trying to manipulate someone (mostly boys).

History: Ida was born and raised on the streets of Caldia, and as long as Ida could remember she was an orphan living on the street. At first Ida had to beg for the items she needed, she used her innocent looking face to do so. One day Ida really needed food and tried begging for it from a store owner, the  storeowner was very mean and selfish, calling  Ida a "leeching little urchin" before slamming the door on her face, what made it even worse is  that it started raining and the store owner wouldn't even let her into the store.

Ida sat in the alley across from the store, crying when all of a sudden she saw a glimps of fiery red fur in the corner of her eye, she looked over and in the alley next to the store she was just rejected by was a lone fox. Ida knew what a fox was but never saw one up close, the sleek red canine snuck silently through a crack in the wall of the store that wasbig enough fir it to squeeze through, after a while the fox slipped back out carrying a loaf of bread as it trotted happily towards the forest with it's stolen prize. Ida suddenly got an idea, she could TAKE the food from the jerky store owner, he plenty of food in the store, besides someone him needed pay back, she thought. Ida silently crept to the crack in the store wall after the store closed, she had to wait hours before she has sure the store owner was gone. Ida analyzed the hole, it was obvious she wouldn't be able to fit in the hole without widening it first, she looked around for something to chip away at the side.

Ida soon found a rusty old spoon in the dumpster and used that to scrape away at the already weakening hole. It took hours before the hole was big enough to fit Ida, though she wasn't that big, she squeezed in the hole and found herself in the storage room. Ida was amazed by all the boxes of unopened product, she quickly snatch a few bottles of water, a small bag of apples and an unopened loaf of bread. Ida made sure everything looked as it was in the beginning before squeezing the stolen items through the hole and squeezing out herself. Ida pushed a trash can in front of the hole before devouring her stolen meal, it felt weird to her that she stole something, but she felt a bit of self satisfaction knowing she got revenge on the selfish store owner.After that night Ida stole from the store any chance she could, she knew when the store opened from watching the store owner, every night she would sneak through the hole in the wall and take food.

Of course after a while she got to big for the hole and had to find another way to get food, soon she learned how to swipe fruit off of food carts when no one was looking and learned how to take food from inside stores without being seen. One day Ida's timing on taking a melon  and wassoon being chased by an angry food cart owner and his dog, Ida was sure she was going to get caught when she remembered something she saw, she could recall seeing a fox one-day, it  being chased by a dog after it stole it's dog treat, instead of running straight forward towards  the woods it weaved and slide through various places in the village to confuse the dog. Ida tried this technique called out-foxing, she ducked, weaved and jumped throughout the village, soon making the food cart owner loose her trail.

Ida hid in an abandoned shed, well she THOUGHT it was abandoned, when im  fact there was a group of kids in the shed. The kids told Ida they were a bunch of orphans who also had to steal to provide for themselves, Ida quickly took a liking to the self proclaimed leader of the group, a boy named Jeff. Ida soon joined the group, taking her place of second in command, she even named the group the "Black Fox Bandits". The group of mischievous children soon learned to take tips from one of the best thieves in the world, the fox, they based most of their thieving moves and evasive maneuvers on what foxes did, the group started to love foxes and look to them as idols, they even made fox eared headbands, fox tail clip ons, and even used a marker to color in their  group emblem.

Things were going great until a boy and a  girl named Jace and Julia joined, the two siblings quickly bullied their way towards the top of the ranks, constantly trying to take over the group. Jace and Julia insisted the group should be taking more than just food and got many kids to steal watches, clothing and even jewel, soon the kids that gave into Jace and Julia were actually robbing people, putting the black fox bandits on the wanted list. Everyday more and more members were being caught while Jace and Julia reaped the benefits, Jeff forced them out after getting his authority back. It seemed everything fine, until Jeff was framed by Julia and Jace.

The two quickly made a return, kicking out anyone that didn't agree with them, there was only three kids, including Ida, that weren't afraid of fending for themselves on the streets again. The three tried their best to get food, but thanks to Jace and Julia they were chased off into the wilderness. Ida was separated from the others and spent a cold lonely night in the woods, in the morning she soon found out that it was winter by the bitterly cold air that blew on her, with no foreging skills What so ever Ida was sure she was going to starve and freeze to death.

But a miracle happened, the fox that she saw in her past came to her, it snuggled up to her to help her stay warm. After that night the fox would help her survive in the wild, helping her find food and shelter. After a few weeks Ida felt like her skills were good enough to go back out to civilization, now she travels around doing odd jobs for food, the fox of her past watching her from the shadows like a silent protector
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Shadow of the Uchiha

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Ida "Vixy" Vixeon  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ida "Vixy" Vixeon    Ida "Vixy" Vixeon  EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 9:35 pm

Looks good to me. Approved.
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Ida "Vixy" Vixeon
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