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February 2019
Thread/Tournament announcements

Nothing to report --------A tourney will be held once at least ten members join

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 Ginny Rowanblade

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Ida Vixenheim
Ida Vixenheim

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PostSubject: Ginny Rowanblade   Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:37 pm

Name: Ginny "Puss in Boots" Rowanblade

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Rank: Novice

Ärm: Starblade: A necklace weapon Ärm that transforms into a three feet long sword with a shining golden blade and a ruby red hilt with a yellow star shaped gem in the hilt.

Appearance: Ginny  has curly, ginger/orange hair, bright  hazel colored eyes, and a small amount of freckles on her cheeks. Ginny is very short and very young looking for her age, she's 4 ft and 5inch and has the smooth, youthful face of a ten year old, which makes it hard for foes to take her seriously during battle, Ginny has sharper the normal canine teeth and has a pair of ginger tabby cat ears and a tail. Ginny usually wears a red hat resembles the puss in boots hat, it has a black band on it and a reddish-pink feather. She where's a red leather swash buckler/puss and boots outfit with black leather boots. She has a belt for future weapons.


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Ginny Rowanblade
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