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 Lars Exum (done)

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Lars Exum (done) Empty
PostSubject: Lars Exum (done)   Lars Exum (done) EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 7:34 pm

Name: Lars Exum

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Rank: Novice

Ärm: Mace - a trinket Ärm that transforms into a mace.
Lars Exum (done) 9zohef

Appearance: Lars is roughly 5'9 with a fair skin tone. He has light red hair that's really messy and green eyes. He is very fit and athletic. His attire consists of very casual looking clothes. Wearing either a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt with baggy shorts. He wears a simple string necklace that carries the Ärm he has.
Lars Exum (done) 2n8x186

Personality: Lars is a rowdy, rude, and prideful teenager. He is very brash and brutal, will typically cause trouble with anyone. A very typical 'bad boy' type of guy. Not very emotional and rather do things his way. If he does see someone as a friend he is very loyal and respectful towards them. Lars has one very noticeable weakness, girls. He displays visible hesitation when dealing with girls, usually turning red and avoiding eye contact.

History: Lars was an orphan from the moment he was born. He never knew his parents. He was raised in an orphan house in a small village. From a young age he had developed a menacing type of attitude. He was very bad and always in trouble. He was never like this to the kids and people in the orphan house. He was very kind and respectful. He was sort of someone the littler kids looked up to. He protected them from outside bullies and wouldn't let anyone mess with them.

Around the age of 14, he started hanging around a group of delinquents. This group showed him how to fight and how to use Ärms. He chose a mace Ärm cause he prefers to just beat anyone who gets in his way. He would go and collect debts for the group. Gaining a notorious reputation in the nearby towns. One day when he was at the orphan house, strangers came to thrash the house. He defended everyone until they left. He knew they had only did that because of who he was. He didn't mean for the orphan house to be in trouble. Lars decided that it would be best if he leaves there so they wouldn't be in danger like they had. Now at age 16, he travels across MAR Heaven as a hired debt collector. Collecting debt for people that hire him.
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Ida Vixenheim
Ida Vixenheim

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Lars Exum (done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lars Exum (done)   Lars Exum (done) EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 8:30 pm

Very good, Ars~

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Lars Exum (done)
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