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May 2019
Thread/Tournament announcements

Nothing to report --------A tourney will be held once at least ten members join


 Genie in the lamp

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Ida Vixenheim
Ida Vixenheim

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Genie in the lamp  Empty
PostSubject: Genie in the lamp    Genie in the lamp  EmptySun Apr 19, 2015 4:19 am

Genie in the lamp  Magic-lamp-dangle-charm
Name: Genie in the lamp

Description: A silver pendant ärm that is activated when rubbed, a genie is summoned, and it's a male if it's user is a female and female if the user is a male. The genie can grant any wish except if they break the following rules:

1) They can't kill anyone
2) They can't bring anyone back from the dead
3) They can't force anyone to fall in love, or control the will or actions of any living things.
4) They can't cause violent natural disasters
5) They can't turn living things into other living
6) They can't alter anyone's physical appearance, personality, or health

They can summon anything they want but it'll disappear at the end of the thread, unless it's food or a beverage.
They live to serve their masters
The can only grant three wishes per thread
They can heal minor wounds like spranged ankles, slashes that aren't fatal, fever, headache, stomach aches, rashes, etc
They can teleport their masters and who ever their master desires, but they can only teleport other people If the master is going with the people.
They can be great maids/butlers

Cost: 700

Rank: Bishop/ intermediate and higher

Magic cost: the user can't move from the spot they activated the ärm while the ärm is I'm use.

Ida "Vixy" Vixeon- Rouge

Operanus- Chess Pieces knight

Ospi Verde- Rouge (will turn Chess Piece)
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Genie in the lamp
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