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March 2019
Thread/Tournament announcements

Nothing to report --------A tourney will be held once at least ten members join

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 King of Serpents

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Ida Vixenheim
Ida Vixenheim

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PostSubject: King of Serpents    Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:09 pm

Name: King of Serpents

Description: An ancient ärm thought to be sealed away, a crown made of gold and amethyst that has extraordinary power. In the day, it'll turn the bottom half of the user into the tail of a snake, increasing their flexibility and speed, and at night when the moon's light shines on the cursed gems, it'll turn the user into a full, 30 foot long, three foot wide snake snake that has actual venom, increasing the user's strength, speed, and flexibility, they'll even get snake senses. Not only does the user take the form of a snake, but they can also communicate with snakes as well.

Rank: Knight/Expert or higher

Cost: 1500 pewter

Magic cost: During the day, it's easier to control , but at night when the user is a full snake, the longer it's in use, the more wild the user becomes, and the only way to snap them out of their state is by knocking them out.

Weaknesses: Amy damage made in snake form will be felt, and carried over in the human form.
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King of Serpents
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