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April 2019
Thread/Tournament announcements

Nothing to report --------A tourney will be held once at least ten members join


 Ospi Verde

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Ida Vixenheim
Ida Vixenheim

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PostSubject: Ospi Verde   Ospi Verde EmptyMon Jan 12, 2015 1:38 am

Ospi Verde 243573

Name: Ospi Verde "The killer clown man"

Gender: Male

Age: Not entirely known, but near his thirties

Rank: Novice

Ärm: Candy Cane: A cane weapon Ärm that transforms into a long staff with a spiked ball at the top when activated. It's white with red, pink and burgundy stripes

Personality: Ospi acts sort of like a sarcastic little child, he loves to color, eat icecream and play with toys with little children, he has a calm friendly voice that draws little kids in but it intimidates adults or older kids, even though he acts nice and playful with little kids he's actual very sadistic and blood thirsty to anyone who upsets him, mostly adults, if children wont play with him willingly he'll just kidnap them and make them play children games, he sometimes does this to adults too, he often stalks the people he's interested in but can never actual be seen by them unless he wants to show himself, he can normally control his emotions and can actually be charming and gentlemen like, but sometimes he can have unpredictable mood swings when things start to overwhelm him or upset him, sometimes when he's about to do something insane he'll laugh like a mad man or start singing a children's nursery rhyme is a very creepy way.

Appearance: Ospi is 5ft 9inchs, he has grey/white hair that's slicked back vampire style, and has pale skin. Ospi always wears a mask and rarely takes it off, but he's actually handsome, he usually wears suits, his favorite being a  redviolet suit with a navy blue and white inside, his voice is a mixture of smooth and dangerous and he always smells pleasantly sweet, like baked goods and candy, he also wears silk white gloves and a top hat that matches his suit. Ospi has vampire like teeth and sharp yellow eyes, but his eyes can't be seen through the dark holes of his white mask that always has a mischievous grin, but when he's being menacing his eyes glow dangerously from the dark slits.

History: Ospi Verde used to be a completely sane young man with a big heart, he worked for a rich couple and their children as a butler. The father  was cruel and mean, he barely paid attention to his two kids and was mean to his wife, Ospi despised him but stayed because of the children, he absolutely loved the two kids and they would play for long periods of time, he also stayed to comfort the wife. Ospi concealed his anger for the spiteful man who belittled him ever chance he got,  Ospi endured the humiliation and insults, but it had a toll on him mentally. Every time he was insulted he hated the man more, each time the mean husband would humiliate him he'd grew even more bitter, but the breaking point is when the father struck his child. That night, Ospi waited for the man to be alone...Then beat him with his own Ärm, the candy cane, Ospi hid the body and the next day he said he had to quit. The children and wife were sad to see him go but were happier without the men father, but never knew what happened. The family gave Ospi a red violet suit and the father's Candy Cane Ärm as something to remember them by.

Ospi now travels around, spreading joy to children, but his insanity remained, he wears a mask so no one knows his true identity.

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PostSubject: Re: Ospi Verde   Ospi Verde EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 8:23 pm

Seems good to me. Approved.
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Ospi Verde
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